Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quote Time!

Alright Royals,
I think it's finally time to make a Davey Quote Section of this fab blog. So here it is. If you have any quotes from class (or outside of class -- Scandal!), post them here for the rest of us young people to enjoy. Wonderful!


cararobbins said...

"and i'm saying this as a man of colour"

"god *sigh* i hate you kids"

"if your fat on a coin -- you're huge"

"if your looking for a job -- most of you will never get one."

"oh come on, we're ameriCANS, not ameriCAN'Ts."

"oh, i'm sorry! you're so old i'll borrow money from you!"

"i've learned from my lurking..."

"why are you touching me?" coffee
"because it's something i enjoy"

"it's raining like heck out there" dave
"yes! i brought socks!" john

"... and i'm up before the chickens"

"all i want to do in my life is feel cool and eat donuts"

"i realize rehab is more important"

"whats your number?" coffee

"anytime you see a 'u' following a 'q', pretend it's me and ignore it"

"look over there, do you see any family guy gear?" do you see a fat man w/ a double chin?"

"family guy is like royal report with a budget"

"I hate friends" coffee
"because you don't have any!" Marie

Michelle said...

"Can I pick on you because of your unique life situation?"

"Out of context I look like a predator and a drug addict."

"I was so high last night I translated extra latin. Wow, dude."

"I'm so giddy right now!"

"many people like s-e-tripple x."

"What do people like? Sex! Thank you Autumn"

"Sensual... I'm trying to be British, shut up."

"I don't like the idea of fatness in any way, shape or form."

"Like 7th grade girls... that's why they give those half-hugs, they can't trust each other."

"...won the Super Bowl... guess I'll have some Oreo Dippers."

"What line are we on?" -Cara

"I like soft men."

"I'll compile a list this weekend if I can stay sober."

"Today we are going to break into 4 cells of friendship."

"You're so busy buying drugs and listening to your music."

"I would kiss Pesach's bicepts for a car."

"I'm being a little sketchy today..."

"I don't even care. Fine. I'm buying a gun!"

"What's more fun than stealing stuff?"

"I understand the pleasure of an old man having young friends."

"Yes, 'fragible' is an English word meaning 'it can be fraged'."

"You can do more with a mini foam finger than you can with a Nobel Prize."

"'preplaining' - that's complaining before you even know what you're complaining about."

"shut up, grow up, JUST SAY NO!"

"So on the weekends when you guys are buying your marajuana, I'm outside with a cup of coffee hanging out with a 20 year old cat and watching him poop."

"Next kid that talks is going to get ChapStick on their face."

"Slutty biker men... that would be me."

"May I ask for 30 seconds of love talk?"

"God, I need to be put away."

"I'm gonna take you outside and shoot you." -Cara
"Just do it before lunch."

"You guys are turning on me like leaves."

"The house is small, but Craig came in."

"I'm like the Exit Exam for technological skills."

"I'm glad I don't have my own kids... I'd be beating them right now."

"I'm going into a shame spiral."

"Cara, look at the Latin before something bad happens to all of us."

cararobbins said...

"thats like calling him john. scott. fitzgerald"

"leave it [door] open, i want Jacob to be cold"

"Just carry on and be smarter. oh wait, thawt's tough."

"I'm not being a little jer--wise"

"women, will like, manipulate people"

"you want crap, and bad?"

"like that muffin is freshly baked." cara
-"you're freshly baked." michelle

"there will not be a royal report today" announcement
-davey thows a chair across the room

"I was going to ask someone sensitive to read this, but that fits none of you."

"I'm gonna swear, and i don't want to"

"if i said protected -- i was drunk yesterday"

Michelle said...

"Nothing says Valentine's Day like Catullus."

"Translating is not a punishment, it's the greatest gift!"

" 'you hate me 'cuz I'm a rockstar' ... I guess that's something about me because I stayed up until 10 or something..."

"All Latin, all the time."

"To separate ourselves from the animals, we use three tenses."

"The kid that said 'genetive' is going to explain it to Mr. Morgan."

"And now, Richard, a little trivia for you."

"Notice I'm all about the love." (does a little dance)

"Don't make me swear and hit you."
(talking to Cara)

"Did we need 8 to 10 to 12 years to know that O.J. was guilty?"

"Jacob, do you need to go to the bathroom?"

"Wow, why is the old guy with the bad hair doing all the talking?"

"You'll know the day I let Ms. Rinn go is the day I start looking like Lupe."

"What? I'm not allowed to wear yellow shirts? He wears pink shirts!" -Mr. Behrens

"I'm gonna give him [Behrens] a beat down!"

"Nobody talk, if anyone talks I'm going to get mad, upset my birthday, and weep publicly."

"We are all of color, some of us are just darker than others."

"The children are annoying. I hate my life." (examples of indicitive statements)

"It was like 7th grade, but with bigger bodies."

"From a distance I can write the names of people I don't like." (on his "palm pilot")

"I need bodies."

"No Country for Old Men - the Dave O'Donnell story"

"Pregnant 14 year olds... that's all I care about."

"This is not the circle of love, this is the box of hatred." -Pesach

"The commas, like police men, are your friends."

"Wait, while I put some lip balm on."

"Mia.. m-m-m-Mia."

p-rinda said...

some old quotes...

"Be yourself! Or why don't you be someone who somebody likes..."

"Every year on April 20th the news shows men my age smoking marijuana in De la Guerra Plaza. It makes me want to punch John Palminteri in the face. Does anyone know what day tomorrow is? April 21st. Rome was founded on April 21st, 753 BC. Tomorrow I'm going to dress up in a toga and walk around De La Guerra Plaza at 7:53 and see if that'll be good enough to get me on the news."

cararobbins said...

"coffey might be added to the list of people i wouldn't mind see cry... the only other person on that list is Ms. Harbison." P

"Yo, i liked your rap about the war in Parthia, give me some more boiiiiii"

"she's so funny when she's older" in relation to cara turning 18

"child bride"

"sat around with their long hair talking about the reveloution -- sorry frankie"

"then we trade 'yo's"

"nice belt (michelle), can i borrow it sometime" dave

"i like the way lupe's getting his hands dirty"

"every dictator seems to want to go back to another dictator's tomb and say 'now that guy really knew how to abuse people's rights'"

"what kind of music do you like?"
-"songs about me"

"no, it's not racial, its just offensive to women" P

"that's why i'm a highly paid educator, and cara is just a kid in the room misbehaving"

"Dave C. O'Donnell, the C stands for choreography"

"P, when you're my age, you're going to be sitting down on state drinking out of a brown paper bag."

"kids forget... politics foget... white people forget..."

"my life is an apostrophe"

"zeugma litotes. nice to meet you"

" can i ruin your life?"

Michelle said...

"I have a ton of beer at home, I can go and drink."

"I said no talking, but this conversation, illegal though it was, was very good."

"as mothers tribunt... as OTHERS tribunt.."

"the guy I had for vergil camp... he knew everything..."

"I'm gonna read them (our translations) tomorrow out loud and embarrass people. That's how they teach in... China!"

"If you don't love this then you don't love me, and if I'm not loved there is no Latin."

Dave: things that are burned, suck.
Pesach: I could make the worst Jew joke right now...

"Shhhhh is short for SHUT UP!"

"actors, in the ancient world, were a step up from prostitutes."

Dave: What two things did Cicero want?
Cara: drugs, sex and rock n' roll
Dave: those are 3 things, and you're wrong.

"Can I just have a close, personal conversation with my friend the P?"

Pesach: What's with 'moffifies'?
Dave: If you had half the personal problems I have you wouldn't even make it to school.

"It's close to St. Patrick's Day, I gotta go paint my tongue green."

"If anyone needs generic VONS baby wipes, they're awful and we have them."

"you are the video."

John: Was it love at first sight? (referring to when Davey saw Ms. Rinn for the first time)
Dave: Uhh... let's move on...

"You pledge to look at the Latin, I'll pledge to stop touching you.. that's what we call a 'win-win'"

"Marie, L-O-V-E"

(having a conversation with himself) "So what'd you do in school today? Tried to figure out how many times my Latin teacher has kissed his wife."

"even though it's G-rated, it describes X-rated activity.... let's go back to kissing."

cararobbins said...

"how come 5 out of 10 people go snowboarding and break something - and it didn't happen to you (coffey)" P

"goat whore -- hearder" Dave

"this jacket makes me want to grow my beard back... i feel all woodsy." P

"I'm going to die in college" P
"i'm going to die in college" Mia
"i'm going to die in high school" dave

"I'm going to compile a list of all P's hates, and it's goign to be bigger than the constitution." Dave

"APAT - all pesach all the time" Dave

"you kids have more feelings than the pope has followers" Dave

"take your class out of the mix, this is a great job" Dave

"and i know it sounds like extra time in the yard at prision..." Dave in relation to school 'carnivle'

"I'm as small as jacob is smart" P

"This (white board eraser) is the only thing left in this room that i LIKE!!" Dave

"Jacob, i want to throw my binder at your head!" P

"marie wants on the hug train." Dave