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Catullus Journal #3

Due Monday 5/5/08
Remember to do Journal #2 before you do this one...

Suffenus iste, Vare, quem probe nostri,
homo est venustus et dicax et urbanus,
idemque longe plurimos facit versus.
Puto esse ego illi milia aut decem aut plura
perscripta, nec sic ut fit in palimpsesto
relata: cartae regiae, novi libri,
novi umbilici, lora rubra, membranae,
derecta plumbo et pumice omnia aequata.
Haec cum legas tu, bellus ille et urbanus
suffenus unus caprimulgus aut fossor
rursus videtur: tantum abhorret ac mutat.
Hoc quid putemus esse? Qui modo scurra
aut si quid hac re scitius videbatur,
idem infaceto est infacetior rure,
simul poemata attigit, neque idem umquam
aeque est beatus ac poema cum scribit:
tam gaudet in se tamque se ipse miratur.
Nimirum idem omnes fallimur, neque est quisquam
quem non in aliqua re videre Suffenum
possis. Suus cuique attributus est error;
sed non videmus manticae quod tergo est.

In poem 22, Catullus describes both the poet Suffenus and the poetry that Suffenus writes. In a short essay, contrast the effect that Suffenus' poems have on his audience with the effect they have on Suffenus himself. Refer specifically to the Latin throughout the passage to support the points you make in your essay.

Catullus Journal #2

Due Monday 4/28/08

Find any character mentioned in more than one poem and comment on Catullus' attitude toward them citing Latin to bolster your opinion.

Have fun!


Quiz - Catullus 64, Lines 103-111

This reading still BAFFLES me lol...

Oh well, I'll be asking a lot of questions before our quiz. Don't hate me for trying :P.

And the translation is from my little paper, and somewhat what we did in class...

Lastly, sorry this is posted so late...I tried out this little thing called sleep last night! It was incredible.

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Quiz - Catullus 64, Lines 50-59

Uggggh I'm rusty!!!

But anyway, since we beat this to death in class, hopefully we'll all be oook. Sorry I didn't put cases above a lot of stuff...more challenging, right? :D

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Catullus Journal #1

Use examples from Latin in poems 11 and 30, to show how Catullus treats relationships between men and women similarly and differently.


and almost happy passover... and -- well, you know what.

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Spring Break

Spring Break is amazing.
thank you san marcos for giving us time off.