Thursday, May 3, 2007

Quiz lines: 830~840 and 887~888

"You are one sister of Jove and child of Saturn.

You roll so great waves of anger under your heart.

But go and let down the raging undertaking in vain.

I give you power (he will grant Juno's wish), and I yield, rolling conquered.

Ausonians will hold their fatherly speech and things,

so will be the name; Teucrians will give away, mingled in so many bodies.

I shall add the sacred rights and make them all Latins with one language.

From this, a race from Ausonian bloode shall rise,

you will see them to go over men and over dogs in faith.

nor will and race celebreate you with equal honor."

Aeneas presses against and shakes the great tree-like spear (arboreum --> telum)

and says thus with cruel heart:

There could be some $hitty mistakes. Sorry, but I didn't want to put more than 5 minutes on this.

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