Friday, March 23, 2007

Quiz- Book IV: Lines 351-361 and 571-573 (As Promised)

(Aeneas and Dido in their cave of amor) <3

So here's a translation for the quiz lines...

And a side note about last week...I (Mia) made this thingy with cases and translations of every word, but both Karen and I somehow couldn't post it as an that was a bummer.

Instead, this week, I did the thing but with only cases above each word, and I promise I'll print it out and put it next to our web address in case anyone has any questions (because we all need good grades for our last quiz of the TERM!!!) :D

Translation of the lines we've seen:

351 The ghost of my father Anchises (who died in Book III) how many times in the moist shadows does the
night open up lands to me
352 how many times do the flaming stars rise,
353 the image of my father Anchises admonishes me in dreams/sleep, and his turbid image terrifies me;
354 (the thought of) my son Ascanius (urges me on) and the danger to his beloved head (life - metonymy)
355 whom (Ascanius) I (Aeneas) am depriving of the kingdom of Hesperia and his fated fields
356 for now the interpreter of the gods (Mercury) sent down by Jupiter himself
357 (I swear by both heads - Jupiter and Mercury OR Aeneas and someone else) brought commands through the quick air:
358 I myself have seen the god in manifest/clear light
359 entering the walls and I have drunk in his voice with these ears.
360 Stop burning me and yourself up with your burning complaints
361 I do not follow (to) Italy of my own accord.

(^^Aeneas is saying: I’m doing what I have to do, not what I want to do!)

Attempted translation of the stuff we haven't seen:

571 Then truly Aeneas having been terrified by the sudden ghost/shadow (of Mercury)
572 tears/seizes (his) body from sleep and harasses (his) peeps/comrades:
573 Wake headlong, peeps/comrades, and settle/man the benches/crossbeam


Master Jung said...

when are we having the review session? ... are we having one in the first place?

Mpasini said...

I think mRo said Tuesday at his CC class...but hopefully he sees this and answers us :D.

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