Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cicero Quiz: Friday 2/22/08

quiz lines 90-95 ---Pro Archia

I can't do the amazing job that Mia does when it comes to quiz line translations, but I can post what I write down during class. Hope this helps!

"If there is nothing else to speak of about the rights of citizenship and the law, I need not say anymore: the case has been plead. For which all of these statements, oh Gratius, can be denied? You knew that he was enrolled as a citizen of Heraclea? There is a man present of the highest authority, devotion and trust, M. Lucullus, who says that he not only thinks but knows, not only heard but he saw, and he was not only present but he did it."

Remember the tri-colon crescens at the end of this translation and also keep in mind that there will be "surprise lines" on our quiz tomorrow!

Good luck everyone! :)

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Mpasini said...

Thanx for covering for me Michelle :).

I'm sure you did amazingly on the quiz with JUST this crazy sheets are completely unnecessary. Haha anyways...

Sorry I missed this past few days! I'm sure I have a lot of catching up to do :(.