Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quiz- Book IV: Lines 279-286 (Can You Believe This Is Up A Whole Day EARLY!)

Well, I've (we've) blown off all my (our) other homework just to get this up for kids a whole DAY early (well technically not a day, but whatever)!

This time I (Mia) decided to do this thing that is kinda psycho and time-consuming instead of line-by-line notes...but it really helps one to easily identify vocabulary, cases, etc.

As always, enjoy! (and you're welcome) ;)

279 And truly Aeneas mad/frenzied stood speechless at the sight,
280 and his hair having stood on end in horror and his voice is choked/halted by his throat.
281 he is eager/burns to depart in flight and to abandon these sweet lands,
282 having been astounded by such a warning and the by the commandment of the gods.
283 Alas, what can/would he do? By what statement/speech would he dare to approach the frenzied (by love) queen (namely Dido)?
284 What first beginning could/would he take?
285 And yet he divides his mind, now here quickly, now there
286 he takes into various parts and turns (his mind) through all things.


Tyler said...

ooo thanks I (we) love you Mia! lets hope I don't use this again AND fail the test anyways!

Parinda said...

book 4: 450-451

tum vero infelix fatis exterrita Dido mortem orat; taedet caeli convexa tueri

translation=then in truth, terrified by her fate, unlucky dido prays for death, she is weary of gazing on the arch of heaven

Michael said...

Mia, you are quite possibly the most wonderful person in the world right now. And thanks parinda also for those last 2 lines :)