Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cicero Quiz: Friday 2/8/08

pg. 55 lines 38-45

Here is a literal translation which we did in class. Be advised: this translation might not be perfect. Take the time to look through your Cicero book and try to come up with your own translation as well. You can never read too much Latin!

line 38.[103] Equidem ex omnibus rebus quas mihi aut fortuna aut natura tribuit, nihil habeo quod cum amicitia Scipionis possim comparare. In hac mihi de re publica consensus, in hac rerum privatarum consilium, in eadem requies plena oblectationis fuit. Numquam illum ne minima quidem re offendi, quod quidem senserim, nihil audivi ex eo ipse quod nollem;

"Indeed from all things which fortune and nature have given to me I have nothing to which I am able to compare my friendship with Scipio. In this (friendship) with me there was an agreement in the advice given about the public and private matters, and in that same friendship there was an agreemnt of pleasure and enjoyment. I never offended him as far as I knew, not even in the smallest of ways, not did I ever hear from him what I myself would not want;"

Good luck to everyone on our quiz tomorrow! :)


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