Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Third Quiz lines: Book X 420~428

I just translated 162 lines of Latin today... I'm going out of my mind...

Now I'm about to translate another 8 lines... damn that seems tiny now lol

So Pallas seeks him(Halaesus), first prayed(perfect participle) thus:

"Grant now, father Tiber, to the sword, which(accusative) I balance to be able to be thrown,

(grant) a fortunate way through the chest of Halaesus.

Your oak tree(quercus) will have arms and spoil of the man(Halaesus)."

The god heard these(prayer - accusative plural); then Halaesus covered Imaon,

the unlucky man(Halaesus) gives his unprotected chest to the spear.

But Lausus, a great part of the war, did not allow(non sinit) his army line(agmina)

to be frightened thoroughly by the man's slaughter.

First, he kills opposing Abbas, the knot and the barrier of the war.

Damn that took me way too long because of the little side notes. I don't know why I just spent 20 minutes doing this, but have fun in Latin anyways.

Vale, quisques es.


Mpasini said...

Thank joo very much Jake(y).

Fine job as usual.

Happy Translating!!!

Michael said...

Thanks Jacob Jungle! I thank you for translating these lines. This is a big help.

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