Friday, February 29, 2008

Quiz 02/29...Pro Archia: 175-183

I made some slight changes to the stuff we did in class. I'm probably wrong on a lot of things. But hopefully I have a good enough nature that, if my questions are answered tomorrow in class, I'll be able to do well. (haha)

Peace late. Good luck.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cicero Quiz: Friday 2/22/08

quiz lines 90-95 ---Pro Archia

I can't do the amazing job that Mia does when it comes to quiz line translations, but I can post what I write down during class. Hope this helps!

"If there is nothing else to speak of about the rights of citizenship and the law, I need not say anymore: the case has been plead. For which all of these statements, oh Gratius, can be denied? You knew that he was enrolled as a citizen of Heraclea? There is a man present of the highest authority, devotion and trust, M. Lucullus, who says that he not only thinks but knows, not only heard but he saw, and he was not only present but he did it."

Remember the tri-colon crescens at the end of this translation and also keep in mind that there will be "surprise lines" on our quiz tomorrow!

Good luck everyone! :)

Cicero Journal due Monday Feb. 25th

To defend Archias successfully, Cicero decided upon a less customary courtroom procedure. In a well-written essay (or at least a paragraph or so), describe his new approach and include how Cicero approaches the jury, requests the exception he wants, and defends his request. What Ciceronian elements (e.g., rhetorical devices, word placement) are evident and how do they help his case? Be sure to include Latin (translated or paraphrased into English) that supports your ideas.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quiz - Pro Archia, Lines 42-51

Sigh...this one wasn't easy for some reason. There most likely will be mistakes. Oh well.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quote Time!

Alright Royals,
I think it's finally time to make a Davey Quote Section of this fab blog. So here it is. If you have any quotes from class (or outside of class -- Scandal!), post them here for the rest of us young people to enjoy. Wonderful!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cicero Journal: Week 2

Here's the 2nd Cicero Journal question... oh boy!

"Divitias alii praeponunt, bonam alii valetudinem, alii potentiam, alii honores, multi etiam voluptates. Beluarum hoc quidem extremum, illa autem superiora caduca et incerta, posita non tam in consiliis nostris quam in fortunae temeritate. Qui autem in virtute summum bonum ponunt, praeclare illi quidem, sed haec ipsa virtus amicitiam et gignit et continet nec sine virtute amicitia esse ullo pacto potest."

"Laelius. Ego vos hortari tantum possum ut amicitiam omnibus rebus humanis anteponatis; nihil est enim tam naturae aptum, tam conveniens ad res vel secundas vel adversas."

Your task:

In the passages above, Laelius offers several options concerning the possessions which some people value in life. Identify these possessions, tell why he rejects them, and discuss the choice and reasons for the choice that Laelius makes.

Cite the Latin words from throughout the passage that support the assertions in your essay. Translate or paraphrase the Latin words you cite. It is your responsibility to make it clear that what is written is based on your knowledge of the Latin text and not merely on a general recollection of the passage.

Have fun everyone! :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

More Quiz Help!

I did this last year a lot before quizzes and it really helped. Hope this helps you takes me a loooong time to do things like this!

As you can hopefully see, the case of each word is listed directly above each word in red, and the translation of each word is in blue. I probably made some'll figure it out. I also fixed our in-class translation a little bit based on the side notes. Yeah that's about it.

Good Night (finally).

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cicero Quiz: Friday 2/8/08

pg. 55 lines 38-45

Here is a literal translation which we did in class. Be advised: this translation might not be perfect. Take the time to look through your Cicero book and try to come up with your own translation as well. You can never read too much Latin!

line 38.[103] Equidem ex omnibus rebus quas mihi aut fortuna aut natura tribuit, nihil habeo quod cum amicitia Scipionis possim comparare. In hac mihi de re publica consensus, in hac rerum privatarum consilium, in eadem requies plena oblectationis fuit. Numquam illum ne minima quidem re offendi, quod quidem senserim, nihil audivi ex eo ipse quod nollem;

"Indeed from all things which fortune and nature have given to me I have nothing to which I am able to compare my friendship with Scipio. In this (friendship) with me there was an agreement in the advice given about the public and private matters, and in that same friendship there was an agreemnt of pleasure and enjoyment. I never offended him as far as I knew, not even in the smallest of ways, not did I ever hear from him what I myself would not want;"

Good luck to everyone on our quiz tomorrow! :)