Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quizzzzz linesssss 693~ 705

I'm bored. I think I will make myself less bored by posting the quiz lines.
Now I'm even more bored.

Then all mighty Juno, pitying (Dido's) long grief and painful death,

sent down Iris from Olympus so she would free the struggling soul

fastened limbs. Because truly she was dying by neither a deserved fate

nor the death(she earned), but miserable before her day, inflamed by

sudden madness, not yet Persepona had taken the yellow hair from

(Dido's) head and had condemmed her head to Stygian Orcus(underworld)

Then Iris, on yellow and dewy wings, flies down through the sky, leading

a thousand different lights from the sun and stood above (Dido's) head.

"This offering sacres to Dis(Pluto), I bear as order and free you from

your body." Tus she says and cuts the hair with her right hand,

all the warmth departs at once and the life withdrew in the wind.

Expect some errors. I did this in 5 minutes.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Congrats AP Test Takers/What now?

Yay! You guys did it! We've all worked hard all year, and I'm sure it paid off for those of you who took the AP test. Any comments, feelings, suggestions, etc? Feel free to post them here (and maybe give some suggestions to future AP test takers).

So now you know the Aenied front to back, can recite the scenes in REVERSE order, name EVERY poetic device used in EACH scene, AND can act out ALL of Juno's speeches... in LATIN (Well maybe not EVERYONE... but hey there are always things to strive for right?), so now what you may ask? Well for starters, school is not done yet! Let me repeat that, we still have class! You know, that room we go to everyday and talk about latin and important life lessons - like what you can duct tape to your thigh. So for all you latin starved students who feel they have lost meaning in their life now the AP test is over here are a few ideas... More suggestions welcome!

1. Pay attention/go to class: there are tons of nifty things that go on... need I say more?

2. Memorize a latin passage: not only will you impress guys/girls you can offically place youself in the "Latin nerd club"

3. Latin Artwork: this one is for all you artists out there! Make something cool to add to the walls

4. Offical Latin Gear (T-shirts,sweatshirts, whatever): We've been talking about this all year!!! How bout actually doing it now?

5. Make your own Latin Movie: The Aeneid needs to be recorded in cinematic history, are you going to be the one to do it? (At Hajir's request)

6. Read the Aenied: If you were one of those people who never actually read the Aenied, now is the time... better late than never, I suppose. Maybe everything will finally make sense?

7. Become an expert on some random Latin thing: seemingly random information always can come in handy, plus nothing declares Latin fanaticism better than a 20 min rant on Pompeiian fish sauce

8. Find ways to infuse Latin phrases/comparisons/Davey quotes into everyday life: Not only will you get strange looks, but most people will have no clue what your talking about!

9. Become fluent in Latin: same as above... but now you can talk with the POPE!

10. Proudly display Latin Stuff in every one of your other classes: You know that vocab your supposed to do? Rip it up in front of the teacher and say, "I don't need this I have Latin!" Make sure to have a latin book clearly displayed on your desk at ALL TIMES and be throughly engaged in it while your other teachers are lecturing. Ya, and make sure to have STACKS of Latin stuff that you just drag around all day and work on in every class. ;)

11-infinity. Any other ideas you have! From stuffing fortune cookies with quotes/phrases (Dr. O or Latin based), to trying to actually build the Trojan horse, the possibilities are endless! Enjoy and feel free to contribute your own ideas!

Once again congrats to the APers and a merry last 4 weeks to all!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Vergil Journal 11: Fitzgerald...Books VIII and IX

Book 8:

1) What is Tiberinus' message to a sleeping Aeneas?

2) How does Evander greet Aeneas, what are his reasons, and why is this surprising?

3) Why all the Hercules talk?

4) Notice how important the Tiber and farming are in the descriptions.

5) How does Venus get involved?

6) Pay special attention to Evander's goodbye to Pallas starting on 760.

7) Itemize the incidents portrayed on the shield, starting on need no other histories of Rome. What is Aeneas' reaction to all this?

Book 9:

1) Juno meddles, what does she urge Turnus to do? Why now?

2) Nisus and Euryalus get involved again, what do they propose?

3) Check out Ascanius' speech 360ff., what's he proposing? Is he a "man" yet?

4) Describe the two men's mission, are they successful? What leads to their demise? Remember the race. Describe 660's ghastly sight.

5) Turnus enjoys some successdescrie the tone of any of his 'rousing' speeches.

6) What act rings Ascanius closer to manhood?

7) See 1031: "Achilles has been found again, and here" who said it & what's the point?

8) How does Turnus escape at the very end of this book?

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Quiz lines: 830~840 and 887~888

"You are one sister of Jove and child of Saturn.

You roll so great waves of anger under your heart.

But go and let down the raging undertaking in vain.

I give you power (he will grant Juno's wish), and I yield, rolling conquered.

Ausonians will hold their fatherly speech and things,

so will be the name; Teucrians will give away, mingled in so many bodies.

I shall add the sacred rights and make them all Latins with one language.

From this, a race from Ausonian bloode shall rise,

you will see them to go over men and over dogs in faith.

nor will and race celebreate you with equal honor."

Aeneas presses against and shakes the great tree-like spear (arboreum --> telum)

and says thus with cruel heart:

There could be some $hitty mistakes. Sorry, but I didn't want to put more than 5 minutes on this.