Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cicero Journal: Week 1

First Journal of the year! Here we go...

This week, we are supposed to read parts I - IV of de Amiticia (you know, on the website where we start on part 5 that has Laelius' name?...start at the beginning-ish). Then comment on two uberly cool things from you reading (that stood out to you).

So the way you post on this blog is super easy:
1) register yourself as a blogger!
2) "Comment" on this post...write your journal!

Well I hope everything works out. Cya 2morrow!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cicero Begins!!!

Welcome to Second Semester my fellow Latin enthusiasts!

Thought I (Mia) might as well write a little welcome message to all the newbies. As you might notice, all of our Aeneid stuff (that we worked so hard on last year) is still around - feel free to explore past Vergil Journals, translations, and what not if you want to find out what this site is all about!

In regard to the "Cicero/Catullus Journals", I think a similar process that we used last year will be most effective. Basically, one of the site adminstrators will post the journal question, and then everyone in the classes can post their Journal entry via the "comment" button (before Friday, or whenever Mr. O says it will be due). Then we will all be able to learn from each other's wonderful insights, which is truly priceless :).

And the other big question: quiz translations! The admins will try their very best to have the quiz lines translated by a decent hour on every Thursday night - it's good for us AND you! An occasional "Thanks for spending your spare time posting quiz translations" is also much appreciated.

Feel free to contact any admin with questions or comments - we want to make this site as helpful, entertaining, and worthwhile as possible.

Anyhow, cheers to the world of advanced Latin. Hope everyone has a great semester!

Mia (period 2)

P.S.: It would be really cool to have admins from Period 1...let me know!