Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quizzzzz linesssss 693~ 705

I'm bored. I think I will make myself less bored by posting the quiz lines.
Now I'm even more bored.

Then all mighty Juno, pitying (Dido's) long grief and painful death,

sent down Iris from Olympus so she would free the struggling soul

fastened limbs. Because truly she was dying by neither a deserved fate

nor the death(she earned), but miserable before her day, inflamed by

sudden madness, not yet Persepona had taken the yellow hair from

(Dido's) head and had condemmed her head to Stygian Orcus(underworld)

Then Iris, on yellow and dewy wings, flies down through the sky, leading

a thousand different lights from the sun and stood above (Dido's) head.

"This offering sacres to Dis(Pluto), I bear as order and free you from

your body." Tus she says and cuts the hair with her right hand,

all the warmth departs at once and the life withdrew in the wind.

Expect some errors. I did this in 5 minutes.

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Mpasini said...

AWWWW thanks Jake(y)!!!!