Thursday, March 6, 2008

Quiz: Friday 3/7/08

For some reason I didn't write down which section we decided on for the quiz, but I'm pretty certain it was section 20. If for some reason it's not, feel free comment on this post and correct me.

Section 20 (lines 252-260)

"Nor is there anyone so opposed to the Muses who would not allow the public announcement of his labors to be entrusted to poetry easily. They say that Themistocles, the the greatest man of Athens, when he was asked which entertainment form he took the greatest delight in hearing: his voice from whom his virtue is declared the best. That Marius, likewise, he cherished L. Plotinus, by whose talent he used to think those things which he did were able to be celebrated."

Also, just a reminder that we have Airbands rehearsal in the auditorium tomorrow after 4th period. Anyone who is committed to participating in our Airbands performance should be there (unless you have a legitimate excuse). Also, we will most likely have another practice on Saturday in Mr. O'Donnell's room from 11:00am-12:30pm.

Good luck on the quiz tomorrow and I'll see you all at rehearsal! :)

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