Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Dawn of a New Era..

Salve to everyone and anyone who checks the Latin blog during the summer (namely no one). As some of you may know, the 2007-2008 AP Latin curriculum will not longer be based on the Aenied (tragic but true). I'm still waiting to hear if it will indeed be Cicero or the usual Catullus/Ovid. I'm quite sure both will be full of the exciting Latin fun we have all come to expect from Mr. O'Donnell. Because of the change in course materials some redecorating will be necessary, but more importantly we will need NEW BLOG ADMINS. Yes you heard me! Unfortunatley your old beloved admins will not be taking Latin this year :(. So the new job openings mean I will need devoted Latin scholars to carry on the torch. Volunteers would be lovely, however I am not adverse to seeking out Minerva and having her track down individuals, pin them upon a sharp rock in the middle of a whirlpool while making them scream fire with one of Jupiters thunderbolts (one of my favorite Aenied refs by the way). Or of course the serpent option is always open. Oh you know, just like Lacoon and his sons, tracked down and brutally murdered by a pair of red eyed vicious snakes. Boy oh boy does Latin make life fun :). Ten points to those of you who actually understood those references. So yes, if anyone does happen to read this over the summer and is intrested in controlling one of the coolest things on the web, feel free to contact me via the options in my profile or drop a comment. Well happy summer and Vale!

P.S. The 2007 Latin trip was AMAZING and I suggest it to any future Latin students. Not only did it bring Latin literature to life, it gave us a chance to finally BE in the places all videos showed us, provided a new cultural perspective, and made us that much more excited to learn more Latin!

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Michelle said...

Karen, I'm in. But ONLY if I get my Italy book ;)