Friday, April 13, 2007

Quiz- Book VI: Lines 24-36 (First Quiz of the Last Term!)

Some quiz lines...and Karen and Mia must admit that this lines were rather cumbersome, so bear with us as we attempt accurately translate at this hour...

24 In this (panel...remember they are looking at another door) the cruel love of the bull and Pasiphae is placed under(neath) by theft/fraud,
25 (particularly confusing) the Minotaur is the race (that was) mixed and the two-formed offspring,
26 the reminders/memorials of an unspeakable Venus (love),
27 here that labor of the house- that inextricable maze (referring to the Minotaur's labyrinth)
28 Daedalus also depicted the great love of the queen having taken pity on it (we did this way differently in class but after looking at the cases we think this makes more sense)
29 he freed the tricks of the house and its winding (passage)/ambiguity guiding blind footsteps with string (same as above applies here).
30-31 You also, Icarus, would've had a great part in such a great work if pain allowed it (same as above again).
32 Having tried twice to depict the downfall (of Icarus) in gold,
33 twice the father's (Daedalus) hands fell. In fact constantly
34 they (Aeneas and peeps?) would look over everything with their eyes, unless returned Achates was present (?)
35 and together with the priestess of Phoebe and Hecate, Deiphobe (daughter) of Glaucus, said these things to the king (Aeneas)


Tyler said...

okay most of us are sleeping at 2:24 AM, this does us no good. Either get them up by ten or eleven so we view them, or better yet, get some sleep yourself. I don't know who you're helping by being up all night doing it but it isn't me and it isn't you.

Master Jung said...

...that helps a lot of people by saying that, Tyler.