Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lines 450~460: Second Quiz lines

Behold me, those whiners talking cr@p at this blog for being late. Unless you are posting these lines, be happy at the fact that someone's doing this.

Among them, Phoenician Dido, still fresh with wound, was wandering in the great forest.

The Trojan hero, as soon as he stopped (or halted) close ((implied) to her), recognized

the obscure (Dido) through the shadoes. Such as he, in the first of the month, who sees or

thinks to have seen the moon rise through the clouds. He drops tears and addressed her

with sweet love: "Unlucky Dido, then truly the messenger had come to me and and bear that

you followed the very end with the steel (sword)? Was I, alas, the cause of your death? I swear

by the stars and by the gods and if there is any faith under this ground, unwillingly, queen, I left

from your shores.

Two extra lines:

Cerberus haec ingens latratu regna trifauci

personat, adverso recubans immanis in antro.

Huge Cerberus (3-headed hellhound) in this kingdom resounds barking with three throats,

Monstrous (body) reclining to the opposite side in a cave

Text for the extra lines taken from the Loeb, not the translation. I referenced the Loeb for the translation, but I checked each words with dictionary for precision. Not that this is up before 10 PM, I want to see some happy whiners after the quiz praising this holy blog. Have fun with Latin, everyone.

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