Sunday, February 18, 2007

Posting Vergil Journals

Since Mr. O'Donnell suggested that we post our Journals on the blog, I thought I'd explain how you can do it.

You can simply post your jounrals as "Comments" on a journal. A Vergil Journal #4 will be posted tomorrow, so you can add yours as a comment then.

(NOTE: the becoming an "author" idea failed due to site restrictions. I was able to upload one extra author before the site tried eliminating people. Sorry Bryn! So in this case comments can be posts now - Mr. O'D will read your journal if it is attacted as a comment. In fact in this way all journals for a week show up together)

I've changed the settings on the blog so now ANYONE can post without making account (just trying to make your life a little easier). Because of this, make sure that your name/identity is clear when posting the journals (Mr. O'D needs to know who you are!).
Happy Posting!

P.S. Latin podcast may be on its way! ^_^

P.P.S. Happy Chinese New Year! (year of the piglet.. aka boar)


Mpasini said...

Yes kids...This is what I did for my first blog journal thing for last week...(see the first post done by Karen, click on comments, and you'll see my journal). Again, this way, all the posts will be together and in a viewer-friendly format!

Thanks for contributing, and happy posting!


Rina said...

Thanks for writing this.